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The Historic Cyprus Walk is a tour of some of the most significant parts of Bridgetown's heritage. With the help of this pdfguide and the interpretive signs that have been provided you will learn about many aspects of life in Bridgetown long ago and today. The Walk is a way to get a feeling for that era of prosperity, initiative and comfort, as well as an acquaintance with nature and the advantages of this location. The walk begins at the kiosk in Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Park. Simply follow the blue line along the route. It should take about an hour and a half to complete.

The CyprusThe CyprusThe Cyprus herself was the largest vessel ever built on the Annapolis River. She was a barque, a three masted vessel with the fore and main masts square-rigged and the mizzen mast rigged fore and aft. The Cyprus was built by Abram Young in 1878, and sailed for J. V. Troop and Sons out of Saint John, New Brunswick, where in all likelihood her masts and rigging were added. She registered 1091 tons. The Troops were from Granville originally. The Cyprus was famous, too, as one of the fastest of her class. In 1893 she was condemned at Montevideo and refurbished as the Santa Lucia. The Shipyard where she was constructed was on the river, a few hundred feet downstream of the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Park. There is said to be a big hole in the bank opposite the shipyard, gouged out when she was launched.